Wednesday 17 September 2014

Stadium 4.1.2590.5676 is available

*Version 4.1.2589.5674 has been replace by 4.1.2590.5676 on the Twenty57 website. There is a fix for an object reference error caused by the optional keys for the Auto Login functionality not being present in the web.config file. Everything else is the same*

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. Remember, if you are upgrading from version 4.1.2344.5213 (Oct 2013) or earlier, you will need to uninstall your existing version and do a clean install of this version due to the change in the install flag 'All Users' in build 4.1.2540.5563. It contains the following features and fixes
  • Custom Css style sheet for each Theme.
    • The folder Custom containing the file Custom.css will be created in each Theme folder if it does not exist. If it does exist it won't be changed in any way in subsequent upgrades, preserving your customisations
    • If you have customised your css in any way, please move the classes with the customisations into this file. It has a higher precedence than the standard css so if Stadium finds styling in the custom css file, it will be used rather than the standard styles
  • Improved load speed on the combo box
    • This has changed the css (new and amended classes). If you need the css please let know and I will send it to you
  • URL Viewer improvements - included in the Stadium timeout calculations; busy icon shown while content is loaded,; page position refreshes when the content changes
  • Upload File Control - Specify File Type. New property  AllowedExtensions. Default is empty (all files allowed). Specify a comma separated list of allowed types eg csv,txt,pdf
    • Control displays a list of allowed types on the UI. If the user uploads a different type, they will get an error and the file won't upload
  • Variables can be typed as String, Int, Decimal, Boolean (accepts True/False or 1/0) or Datetime.
    • All existing variables are String and String is the default
    • If you try to pass a value not of the correct type to the variable you will get an error
  • Debugging (similar to the functionality found in Stadium 2) has been added. When enabled it shows the parameters and Control Stack for the page
    • Menu item under Admin. Access to the Debugging menu is controlled via the Site Roles functionality. All existing Site Roles have the right by default
    • Requires a Database Update and also includes new css
  • Merge functionality includes Session Parameters and Global Format Conditions
  • You can now continue the Stadium install on a PC that doesn't have IIS. You won't have the option to install the Virtual Directory though. You can install the designer, database and web application still. If you want the Directory later, enable IIS and create it manually or rerun the install and select the Virtual Directory.
  • Some work done to make Stadium 4 compatible with Chrome and Firefox. We're only targeting these 2 browsers for now
    • Dependent drop downs now work in Chrome and Firefox
    • Various Open File scenarios (open from a link in a grid, file path set using a variable/parameter/custom setting) have been addressed
    • We'll slowly try to fix known issues as and when they arise but full compatibility is unlikely at this stage. If you find something not working in Chrome or Firefox log it on Zendesk and I will see what we can do.
  • New auto login feature using AEDES encryption
    • Allows you to navigate to Stadium from a link in another application and be logged into Stadium automatically
    • The username from the source application is encrypted, passed to Stadium and needs to match a username in the Stadium Database
    • Stadium does not check the users password at all so the security is as weak or strong as the security on the source application
    • This is designed to be used with a POST method for better security rather than with GET
    • Stadium needs to use Forms Authentication
    • Add the following settings to your web.config file

    <add key="AutoLoginEnabled" value="true" />
    <add key="AutoLoginEncryptionKey" value="1234567890abcdef" />
    <add key="AutoLoginReturnURL" value="" />

    •  If AutoLoginEnabled is set to true, then it will be enabled.
    • If auto login is enabled, an AutoLoginEncryptionKey must be provided. It must be 16 characters long and can be any combination of alphanumeric characters - e.g. f23456a8901ZX45t. Both Stadium and the source application need to have the same encryption key
    • If no AutoLoginReturnURL is provided, Stadium will redirect to the normal login page. The auto login URL is the page the user will be directed to if the session expires