Saturday 25 August 2012

Stadium4 Release : 4.1.2157.4814

It has been six months since we launched Stadium 4.0 beta program. Today is the first official release of Stadium 4.0.

Build 4.1.2157.4814 is available for download. It includes:
  • Link column values can now be passed as parameter values
  • Removed shadow effects because of browser issues
  • Improved error message that occurs when uploading sap files
  • DataGrid - HeaderText property has spaces by default
  • DetailsView - LabelText property has spaces by default
  • DataGrid - Default formatting applied to decimal columns
  • DataGrid - We have started on help, as a first attempt we have added help to DataGrid properties
Most of the above features are as a result of feedback from our team at Metropolitan. Nic, Eduan and Carmen, thanks for being our early adopters, and for the wonderful feedback. I wouldn't have been able to remove the beta label if it weren't for you guys :-).

A special thanks to Dina and Carien, two really passionate ladies, I have much admiration for both of you. Both of you have added a special touch to Stadium, in very different ways.

And last but not least our Stadium 4.0 development team, Alex, Shaun and Vimesh, I know you guys have had to sweat it out, swirling through those million lines of code,  not easy!

Thank you.