Thursday 10 December 2015

Stadium 4.2.2708.5962 is available

Stadium 4.2.2708.5962 is available for download from the Twenty57 website.
  • You can now set Visibility on a Details View Textbox, Date and Checkbox fields using the Specify Visibility Condition. This works in the same way as it currently works on a Drop Down field. Read more about it here
  • Fix: It is again possible to install only the designer on a PC which does not have IIS enabled
  • Fix: Ensure buttons, links  and datagrid column links on pages that contain an upload file control show the busy icon when clicked, to prevent multiple clicks

Thanks to Lu for the development work

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Stadium 5.2.1426.3566 is available

Stadium 5.2.1426.3566 is available, head over to the Stadium website to download it and get started!

There have been a lot of back-end changes to how Stadium 5 works. We've tried to make the upgrade from earlier versions as smooth as possible but some things might still go wrong. If you have problems upgrading your version or opening existing files please let me know. We'll do our best to solve the issue.

Here's what is new in this build
  • Improved Designer performance - opening, saving and working with SAPZ Files
  • Simplified install
  • Default locations to save sapz files and the generated web apps changed to minimise issues with security permissions on Program Files
  • We've removed the Stadium server (localhost\Stadium5). A redesigned interface to manage applications and securities will be implemented in the future
  • New Controls - Image, Radio Button List, Checkbox List and Checkbox
  • New properties on Form Controls - Label, Label Position, Read-Only and Visible
  • New Action - For Each
    • Use it to loop through the selected options from a Checkbox List
  • Events have moved off the controls and onto the page in a separate window. This will allow us to add other event types more easily
  • Support for Oracle connections and text queries - no stored procedures and packages support yet
  • Only prompt you to save the file if there have been changes
  • Stadium Header and logo removed from the uploaded applications - add in your own
  • Application Title property has been removed and page title is defaulted to the page name and displayed on the tab
  • Prevent you from opening a file in an earlier version of Stadium than it was last edited in
  • Fix: Application upload works when using IIS Express
  • Fix: Grid wrap with long values
  • Fix: Attempt to load as much information in a corrupted file rather than stopping it from opening all together
  • Fix: Allow Double Quotes and apostrophes to be passed from constants into scripts