Wednesday 28 January 2015

Stadium 4.1.2634.5789 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains 2 features and 1 fix
  • Editable Date Column in a DataGrid is now persisted correctly in a Link click event
  • Link Column data can now be formatted (like a text column can)
  • Label New property: FadeDuration. The default value is 0 which means it never fades (works like it always has). Takes a value in seconds which is the time taken for the label to fade from fully visible to invisible. This allows you to show a short message to the user that is only visible and taking up space on the screen for a limited period. Can be used instead of a message box to give a 'Save Successful' message for example
Thank you, as always,  to Ryan for the dev work.

Friday 9 January 2015

Stadium 4.1.2630.5781 is available

Stadium 4.1.2630.5781 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains 3 bug fixes and a couple of small features
  • The User's last logged in date and time is  displayed on the Manage Users Screen
  • The User table can now be sorted by any of the columns. This allows you to quickly see which users haven't logged in recently
  • The Add Role pop-up size on the Edit Application page has been increased to make it easier to work with
  • Panel Background colour no longer being lost on a partial page postback
  • Panel Background colour displaying correctly for non web standard colours
  • Upload File Control error: File not Found, when the Upload file control is inside a panel which is refreshed has been fixed. If your panel is not being refreshed or your Upload File Control is not inside a panel, you won't get this error
Thank you to Ryan for the dev work