Wednesday 12 October 2011

Stadium3 Release : 3.2.1917.4213

Build 3.2.1917.4213 is available for download. It includes:
  • Fix for dependant dropdown values not remembered when 'SaveFilterStateOnApplyButtonClick' property is set to True
  • Fix for RefreshParameters button not working on command editor for Text property of label
  • Fix for RDLViewer control not working with date parameters
  • Fix for issue when RefreshControls action was used to set Panel to visible
  • Fix for index out of bounds array when expanding childgrid
  • Panel - Fix for issue with wrapping of text when it is collapsed
  • User will now be locked out after three failed log in attempts
  • Applications displayed in 'Select an application' list can now be ordered
  • All folders are now collapsed by default in designer
  • Folders can be moved in designer
  • RefreshControls action now includes treeview control
  • Designers can now find all occurrences of user controls, connections, custom settings, validations, access rights, pages, access rights, master pages in designer
  • Filter - 'Include' checkboxes cell is checked automatically when user types in filter value
  • Filter - TextBox fields now have 'Like' as default condition in designer
  • TreeView - Node has new ColourField property
  • TreeView - New path control property
  • New ExportToExcel action
  • DataGrid - New sql query source for link column
  • ChildGrid - New LeftMargin property
  • Creating a new application in designer creates a new page and master page automatically
  • Finally it is now possible to refresh an application via Admin->Manage Applications page,  designers don't have to upload the changed sap files.
Note: It is likely after you upgrade and open the designer, the various panels: Application explorer, user controls, events are located at incorrect positions. The StadiumDesigner.Docking.config file contains the panel location settings for each user. This file will have to be deleted for the panels to be reset to original locations.

This config file can be found in the user's roaming application data folder for Stadium. This is typically located in the following directory:

Windows 7 & Windows Vista:

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Twenty57\Stadium


  1. Finally it is now possible to refresh an application via Admin->Manage Applications page, designers don’t have to upload the changed sap files. >> AWESOME!!!

  2. Some great stuff in this release. Well done and a BIG THANK YOU!

  3. Well done. Been busy-busy-busy!

  4. All the above is as a result of some awesome feedback I have received from really passionate users, so big thanks for all the time invested in providing me with the feedback. The feedback loop is essential for improving our products.

  5. Search function in the STADIUM designer is AWESOME!!
    I am using it more and more and it really helps a lot. Nice!