Thursday 7 October 2010

Stadium3 Release : 3.1.1659.3550

Build 3.1.1659.3550 is available for download on Storytracker.

Only one new feature:
  • Reloading of application now only takes place when .sap file is uploaded
What this means:
Previously, we were reloading the application whenever the menu item associated with the application was clicked.
This meant if you changed the .sap file, copied it to the right location, any changes you made were immediately reflected  when the application's menu item was clicked.

This behaviour has changed. The .sap file has to be uploaded via Stadium3's web front end before any changes are reflected.
Reason for change:Reloading the sap file everytime user clicks on application's menu item is unneccessary, it only needs to be done if there are changes.
The application designer(user)  knows when there are changes and thus can make the decision when to upload. This results in significant performance gains.


  1. This is great from a user/usage perspective. However, from a development perspective it would be nice to have a "quick load" button on the stadium front-end to load both the sap and config files from a pre-configure configured folder. When we develop and test something we have to upload the stadium sap and config files regularly which is a cumbersome process. (the re-loading on application menu made this easier previously)

  2. Albertus, thanks for your feedback. I see this is a pain point so will address it with the next release of Stadium.