Wednesday 4 April 2012

Stadium4 Release : 4.1.2084.4655

Build 4.1.2084.4655 is available for download. It includes:
  • A better looking chart control
  • Datainput fields have new width property
  • Install now adds all neccessary security rights to configuration folder
  • Added MaxHttpCollectionKeys setting to default web.config
  • Users can specify a custom setting for URL property of RSSFeedViewer control
  • Fix for format conditions on grid not working
  • Fix for issue with RDL viewer not working
  • Fix for issue with menu displaying incorrectly
  • Fix for server side paging
  • Fix for issue that occurred when using GridIterator and IterateCurrentPageOnly in combination
  • Fix for issue that was causing dependant values to be lost when opening Chid Grid Editor
  • Fix for formatconditions not working when grid has filter
  • Fix for menu item seperator property not working

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