Wednesday 16 May 2012

Stadium4 Release : 4.1.2110.4717

Build 4.1.2110.4717 is available for download. It includes:
  • Command editor - Ordering of stored procs is per schema now
  • Application name is now populated automatically when uploading a sap file
  • DataGrid dropdown columns can have different values based on data in another column
  • Fix for detailsview readonly field becoming editable when page is refreshed
  • Maintenance message is now not displayed when assigning access rights to a role in an application
  • Treeview node click event is fired when loading page if SelectedNodePath has been set by default
  • Button - BackColour property works now
  • Panels with percentages for width and height works correctly now
  • Grid borders now display correctly in IE 8.0
  • Cross-site scripting security fixes
  • Chart - Border property has been removed
  • Chart - Default colour palette has been changed

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