Thursday 18 October 2012

All new in Stadium 4!

In the recent months, we have implemented various features to add value to our product and simplify user tasks. Our Stadium 4 users can now take advantage on the following features :
  • Improved overall security
  • Description/help on DataGrid properties
  • Automation of spacing for HeaderText in Label and DataGrid columns
  • Automatic checking for duplicate columns when you add columns in DataGrid Column property editor
  • Visible property on Filter, Button and Link controls
  • Customize Title property for Filter control
  • Store Linx return values in variables
We have added more features this year!
  • Destination file name property added in Upload File control
  • A more user-friendly welcome message which displays the user's first name
  • Busy icon is displayed when you click on the Menu
  • Configurable text for DisplayEmptyDataText property in DataGrid
  • Required field validation for DetailsView dropdown columns
  • Separation of Site Role and Application Role for Users
  • Improvements to the ImageViewer control
  • Autogenerate columns in GridIterator
  • Font property in Textbox control
  • ReportViewer 2012
  • Audit Logging for changes made at Stadium front-end
  • Configurable Header Text on Stadium home page
  • Global level configuration for DataGrid properties - Wrap, DisplayEmptyDataText, Font size, Page size
  • New features in FormatCondtions - Global formatting for Font, ColourField property

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