Wednesday 10 April 2013

Format Conditions

Format Conditions can be very useful when you need to distinguish data. In Stadium, FormatConditions property is available in DataGrid and DetailsView controls.

Quick Steps :
  1. Add a DataGrid and add columns to it
  2. Add a format condition in the Format Condition editor
  3. Specify Conditions and the formatting to be applied
  4. In the Column Editor, select the format condition you want to apply

Here are some examples of Conditions you can try :
  1. Apply format conditions to a String value:
  2. Apply format conditions to an Integer value:
  3. Apply format conditions to a Date value (default format is yyyy/MM/dd) :
  4. Apply multiple format conditions using OR operator - add 2 separate Format Conditions

  5. Apply multiple format conditions using AND operator -  combine the conditions
  6. Apply format condition to a null or blank value
**Note :
  • Default Date format is yyyy/MM/dd
  • String values are case sensitive - "Dina" is not equals to "dina"