Friday 25 October 2013

Stadium 5 Beta is available

You can download the beta from so head over and take it for a spin. A very big thank you to Dina, Anton, Shaun, Amol, Ryan, Franz and Shamima for all their hard work, ideas and support.

Stadium 5 is not compatible with Stadium 4. It has a simplified control and functionality set and events and actions are implemented in a completely new way. It can be run side by side with earlier versions of Stadium.

Auto Update

Stadium checks for a new version when you open the designer. If there is one, it will offer to install it.

What you See is What you Get Designer

Controls are displayed in the designer canvas similarly to how they will look in your browser. You can place controls horizontally or vertically without needing panels.

Scripts to execute your click events

We have introduced Scripts in Stadium 5. Scripts are self-contained pieces of code that will do the work when you click a button or link. The components in your script aren't exposed directly to your page controls and your controls aren't exposed to the script components. You will need to create input and output parameters on the script and use these to pass information between your page and your script. The idea behind this is that it allows the same script to be used in different places on the same page and is a better framework for introducing custom actions, allowing the same script to be used across different pages and executing a script on different events, not only click.

Build your own form: stand-alone controls rather than a data input

Instead of a data input control we have created separate controls so you can build the form you want in the layout that suits you best.

Data Model/Data sources

Write all your queries in one place and select which one you want to link to a control or component. You can use the same query in multiple places.


Help is available online: Click the help icon in the menu bar.

Stand Alone Applications as separate sites

Every Stadium application uploaded generates its own code with a separate IIS website and a unique URL. This means you can customise every application in a different way and the generated application is portable and can be installed on any server. To navigate to any application, use this URL.

Admin UI

The Stadium Admin website is only used to manage your applications and users. If you aren't an admin user, you won't be able to access it. If you run many applications and you want one website where the end users can access all of them, build it in Stadium!


When you upload a SAP File you can choose whether people need a log-in to access it or whether it should be open for any one with the url. If you require authentication, your application is created with the same authentication method applied to your Stadium Admin Site.

Browser Compatibility

We use HTML5, CSS3 and JS to ensure your site will run in any modern browser as well as on mobile.

No Database needed

Stadium 5 is not dependent on SQL Server to store your application and user information. It is stored in memory. We will look at allowing you to integrate with a database in future releases.

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