Wednesday 10 February 2016

Stadium 5.2.1484.3745 is available

If you already have Stadium 5 installed, the designer should prompt you to install it the next time you open it. Otherwise head over to the Stadium website and download it now!
  • ODBC Connections to databases like MySQL, DB2 and PosgreSQL are now supported
    • You'll need to set up a User DSN for connecting in the Designer and a Service DSN for connecting via the server
    • Only text queries are supported at this stage
    • Parameters are specified using a ? and display as Parameter1, Parameter2 etc in the Designer (eg select * from Products where ProductId = ?)
  • Cut Copy Paste has been reintroduced. It works on Pages, Scripts, Controls and Actions
    • When copying individual controls/actions across pages/scripts, page/script specific mappings will be lost
  • Validation messages in the designer for unmapped properties and events
    • Double click on the validation to bring the control into focus.
    • Once the property has been mapped, the validation disappears
  • Upgrade to .net Framework 4.6
    • the installer will download and install it if needed
  • Upgrade to IIS 10 Express
    •  the installer will download and install it if needed to run Generated Apps (no IIS on the PC)
  • Create a default Stadium5 App Pool and run all uploaded applications through it
  • Required Field Validator added to Checkbox List
  • Redesign of the Query Editor - see your parameters and fields on one screen
  • Rename query parameters - useful for ODBC queries where all parameters are written as ‘?’ in the query and display as Parameter1, Parameter2 etc in the Designer
  • Manually pull query fields and parameters
    •  they are no longer automatically refreshed
  • Connections - Only persist if a server or dsn is specified
  • Queries - only persist if SQL has been specified
  • Toolbox Controls listed in one section
  • Right-click context menu on open tabs with options to close all, float and dock tabs, close current tab and close all but this
  • Visible And Read-Only properties on Checkbox, Checkbox List, Date Picker, Drop Down, Panel, Radio Button List and TextBox can now be set using Query Fields, Page Parameters and Constants as well as a static True/False value
  • Better handling of Images
  • Fix security permissions errors when the Designer is not run as an Administrator
  • Security Certificate Updated

Thanks to Anton, Amol, Darshit, Greg and Shaun for all the dev work

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