Monday 30 May 2016

Stadium 4.2.2727.6001 is available

Stadium 4.2.2727.6001 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following fixes and features. A big thank you to Lu for the development work


  • New Property on the URLViewer: AutoScroll with a Default Value of True
    • If set to True, the page inside the URL viewer will always scroll to the top when it is refreshed
    • If set to False, and the page being viewed supports retaining the scroll bar position, the page will load to its previous position when a postback is done
  • Data Format will now be applied to a Read-Only Default Value on a Details View
    • Please remember, we unfortunately can't apply masking/formating to editable fields


  • Data Grid: Export to Excel error when a Drop down Field select query contains Multiple IF Statements fixed
  • Data Grid: An Editable Checkbox Column that is not linked to a Data Field now displays its Header Value
  • Child Grid: The ColourField property on FormatConditions no longer throw a Unique Item error
  • Child Grid: Stored Procs can be assigned to a Select Query without giving an error
  • Test Query: Removing a query parameter that has a Test Value assigned to it now works without error
  • Buttons on a Display Message Box which is on the same page as an Upload File Control, will be disabled until the Button Click actions are completed and the Message Box closes to prevent multiple clicks

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