Tuesday 29 November 2016

Stadium 5.5.1723.4875 is available

Good news! Stadium 5.5.1723.4875 is now available with lots of long awaited functionalities. Head over to the Stadium Website to download it.

Among the new features and improvements are:
  • Themes for the generated websites
  • Quick Form Generation
  • Templates
  • Application Security
  • Settings can now be set on the site itself, and not only via the designer
  • ODBC Preparser - Parameters can now be defined using sql syntax, e.g. @myParameter, instead of the normal '?' character
  • Improved behaviour surrounding validations
  • In addition to the "generate & browse", it is now possible to only generate the code.
  • Application, pages, folders and scripts can now be renamed directly from the Application Explorer
  • Underscores (_) are allowed in all names
  • Ctrl+W will close the active canvas
  • Dialogs can be resized
  • Usability improvements
  • Lots of other bug fixes

Thanks to the entire team: Bernhard, Anthony, Greg, Amol, Darshit, Franz and Leah! And also to Brenna who still had a part in most of this release.

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