Friday, 17 August 2018

Stadium 5.10.2186.7123 is now available

This hotfix release only contains low impact bug fixes. We are currently hard at work on our next feature release which will contain a lot of exciting new features! Please visit our roadmap for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Designer: Stored Procedure canvas has a blank space on the left
  • Error is shown before displaying the message that the sapz was created in a newer designer
  • Installer: Check at the start whether a newer version has already been installed
  • Renaming the logged-in user's email does not update the logged-in user session details
  • Query Name is not updated in the Property Grid when renamed in the Application Explorer
  • Edge replaces special characters in a file to download
  • Logging out after changing Login Mode causes token error
  • Save-shortcut does not work after deleting control
  • Context menu not displaying when right clicking on an action
  • Decision's 'if' and 'else' node are indented too much on the script canvas
  • UploadFile control behaves inconsistently when on both the template and on the page
  • When loading a page, default property values are applied before changing to the defined property values
  • Image size set to percentages breaks the left-to-right layout on the page
  • DataGrid Column Editor should not allow generating columns from a FileSystem Connector
  • DataGrid not shown when data is set after changing panel's Visibility
  • Runtime error when handling uploaded files
  • NavigateToPage causes a "url.startsWith is not a function" error
  • The loopvalue of a ForEach action does not list the columns of a database row
  • Image File paths should be html encoded
  • DataGrid paging starts to act up after paging a couple of times
  • Implicit conversion from varchar to varbinary(max)
  • Long period of idle time causes javascript exception on Bugbear
  • Tab order is wrong when categories are collapsed in the Property Grid
  • Switching Login Mode to Windows Auth does not enable it in IIS
  • Stadium Admin API returns 'Access Denied' when using Windows Auth
  • Stadium API must return descriptive error messages
  • Adding a Stored Procedure under the Database connector causes an exception to be displayed
  • Maximizing dialogs should not expand over the Windows Taskbar
  • Retrieving MySQL Tables & Views takes too long
  • Testing the Database connector connection passes even if the login is disabled
  • Stored proc with both fields and output parameter causes generation error
  • DataGrid returns string when datatype should be boolean
  • UserAPI returns guid with quotes around it
  • Installation fails when IIS is not enabled
  • Error thrown when JSON is pasted into an expression
  • The 'Add Query' plus icon in the Application Explorer gets cut off when resizing the App Explorer pane
  • Negative numbers are displayed with space(s) inbetween the minus sign and the number
  • REST API calls to JIRA fail for different reasons
  • An 'Object reference' error is thrown when regenerating a site after a short period of no action
  • DropDown causes script errors if values contains spaces
  • Moving a NavigateToPage into an Else statement higher up in the script causes an exception
  • Generation fails with "Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to 'Twenty57.Stadium.API.Interfaces.DataTypes.IField'."

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