Thursday 7 July 2011

Stadium3 Release : 3.1.1847.3997

Build 3.1.1847.3997  is available for download on Storytracker. It includes:
  • Fix for issue with command editor resizing
  • 'Refresh Parameters' button now works for queries with '@@'
  • Fix for user controls disappearing after an upload
  • New CurrentPage property on Datagrid
  • New CurrentPage control property for DataGrid
  • The size of all designer dialogs will be remembered
  • Displays schema names for stored procedures
  • Display of maintenance message during file upload - Users will not be allowed to work on an application while its sap file is being uploaded, they will instead see a screen displaying appropriate message.
See 'How to remember page of grid' post to see how to use new CurrentPage properties.

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