Thursday 7 July 2011

How to remember page of grid

Consider the following scenario:
  • User views a grid on a page as displayed on Screen1
  • Notice the active page on the grid is page '2'
  • User then clicks on 'Edit' link on any row of grid
  • User navigates to another screen Screen2
  • User then clicks on Cancel button on this screen to return to page with grid i.e. Screen1
  • Ideally when user returns to this screen, page '2' should still be the active page.
This was not possible but is now possible with the latest version. It can be configured as follows:
  • DataGrid control has a new 'CurrentPage' property, see Screen3
  • The default value of CurrentPage property is 1 i.e. first page
  • This property can be configured to the value of a page parameter
  • If the value of page parameter is empty, grid will default to the first page
  • When navigating from Screen1 to Screen2, pass the  current page of grid as a page parameter to Screen2
  • This can be done by making use of new 'CurrentPage' control property of DataGrid, see Screen4
  • When navigating back  from Screen2 to Screen1, pass the page parameter value back, see Screen5
  • The 'CurrentPage' property of grid should be configured to be this page parameter
This is a really nice feature and will no doubt please our precious users and improve their experience when interacting with  Stadium applications.

I encourage all Stadium designers to start using this feature on new and existing applications.


  1. Definitely a nice feature, previous implementations we just filtered the edited row to the top in Stadium 2. This makes that setup so much easier. Thank you.