Tuesday 23 August 2011

Stadium3 Release : 3.2.1882.4128

Build 3.2.1882.4128 is available for download on Storytracker. It includes:
  • DataGrid has now server side paging option
  • GridIterator action now allows actions to be performed for all rows in a grid, not just the rows on active page of grid. Use this with caution, if there is lots of rows in grid, it will slow down and have an immediate effect on performance.
  • DetailsView - Formatting of data is possible with new FormatConditions property
  • RefreshControls action now includes DetailsView control
  • Tab order on detailsview, datainput and filter controls  is retained after changing values in dropdowns
  • ApplyVisitedLinkColour property on link column can be used to change colour of already viewed links
  • TreeView has new Expanded property to indicate if a node should be expanded by default or not
  • The text and value of selected node on treeview can be used in actions
  • SetControlProperties action can now be used to display or hide a panel
  • Fix for error that occurred when opening a file in a child grid
Please take note:
  • All sap files will have to be first loaded in designer to upgrade to latest format
Thanks for all the feedback, please keep them coming.

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