Tuesday 5 July 2016

Stadium 5.4.1586.4260 is available

Head on over to the Stadium Website to download it. It contains the following new features and fixes.
  • Generated Applications now use Bootstrap. There is one theme for now, more will follow soon.
  • A new Layout Control, LayoutGrid is available. It is based on the Bootstrap Grid system. See the Stadium Help site for more details on how to use it: http://help.stadium.twenty57.com/Controls/Layout%20Grid
  • The look and feel of the designer has been revamped
  • It is easier to view and map parameters on control and action properties
  • If a child menu is added to a menu item, the validation for the parent menu item is removed
  • Load time of files has been improved
  • The Result/Error wrapper on the Web Service response has been removed
  • All the Web Service errors are written out instead of being aggregated
  • More padding at the top and the bottom of the designer
  • Rendered controls in the designer are smaller to make it easier to see how you page will look
  • Auto scroll to the bottom of the designer when placing a new control below the last control
  • Fix the Add Query/Connection/Constant link to the top of the page
  • Better scrolling on the Connections/Queries/Constants pages
  • Better error messages in the Designer
  • Roll back to previous working version if upload and generation of application fails for some reason
  • Bug Fix: Expose query parameters on script input mappings

A big thanks to Amol, Anton, Anthony, Bernhard, Darshit and Greg for the dev work and to Leah and Franz for the design and UX input.