Thursday 7 March 2019

Stadium 5.11 is available

It's been a long wait but it's finally here! This release contains a brand-new web service connector, an Application Manager, Undo and many other exciting new features. Keep reading for more details.

New features:

  • Separate Designer and Server installers

    The 2 parts of Stadium were split and placed into separate installers. This allows you to install them independently of each other on the same or different environments. The 2 parts are:
    • The Designer: applications are designed here.
    • The Server: build, deploy and manage your applications
  • Stadium Application Manager

    Stadium Application Manager (or SAM as we affectionately call it  ) allows you to deploy, delete and manage applications. Read the detailed list of features here.
  • Undo / Redo

    Now you can undo those 'Noooooooo, what was I thinking??' moments after accidentally destroying your core piece of functionality.
  • Web Service Connector

    Create a Web Service Connector manually or by importing an OpenApi 3 file. Read more.
  • Forgot Password

    Configure your SMTP server details in the Stadium Application Manager and all of your secured applications, built on this version or later, will automatically include 'Forgot Password' functionality.
    Read more.
  • Query Tester

    Test your database queries or stored procedures from within the Designer to see whether the expected data is returned.
  • Improved Security Model

    The security model has been changed to be in line with the more familiar Roles security model. A page is now only accessible to a user if the page and the user belong to the same role.
  • Removed ExecuteConnector and CallScript

    To invoke a script or connector now, simply drag it from the Application Explorer and drop it into a script at the position where you want to call it. As simple as that!
  • Broken References

    Changing your application, e.g. deleting a Setting, can leave it with a lot of broken references to items that no longer exist. In the past, we removed these broken references, leaving you puzzled as to why a property is now suddenly blank? We changed this.

    Now a broken reference is rather marked as invalid and a validation error will be displayed in the Validation panel. This allows you to easily fix any issues that arise as a result of changes you make in your application.
  • Extended UserAPI

    FetchUser and DeleteUser were added to the list of available web service methods. For more information see the API help in the generated application's Admin Section.
  • Sample Applications

    See how to accomplish certain basic tasks in Stadium by means of examples. Find them at the Stadium website.

Other smaller changes:

  • Connectors can now only be used inside of scripts.
  • Rename [Static Data] to [Embedded Files]
  • All new pages have a LoadScript by default
  • Generate applications into individual application pools
  • Exporting to excel now exports the dateformat of columns as well
  • Designer performance improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed 'New Version' notification issues
  • Fixed issue when downloading a file from a database
  • Fixed issues with boolean comparisons
  • Client-side validations were triggered at the incorrect time
  • Fixed client-side exception when loading lots of data
  • Access Denied was encountered when leaving the site idle for a while and then refreshing the page
  • Query timeout was not respected when a DataGrid's Data is set via a script
  • RadioButtonList triggered a Change event when rebinding a list with a selected item
  • Stadium Designer crashed at a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Fixed many other bugs