Friday 3 March 2017

Stadium 5.6.1786.5197 is available

Stadium 5.6.1786.5197 is now available. Head over to the Stadium Website to download it.

Important new features:
  • Feedback
    User feedback is very important to us. That is why we introduced a way for you to tell us what you think and which features you feel are missing straight from within the Stadium Designer. So please tell us!! :D
  • Optimized query execution
    If the same query is used multiple times per page, code will be generated to execute the query once and re-use the result.
  • Updating of the generated application
    Generating from the Stadium Designer will always update all settings on the site - After the initial generation of the web application via the Stadium Designer, the application can be updated via 2 different methods:
      1. Via the Stadium Designer (using the 'Run' button) - This is seen as debugging your application and will always use the settings defined in the sapz file as the source. Any settings on the generated web app will be overwritten with the values found in the sapz file.
      2. Via the Admin Site (using the Upload Application feature) - This should be used to update production or live environments. Using this route will not update/change any connections or settings  that have been altered on the Settings page of the Admin Site (altered connections/settings are indicated by the word 'edited' displayed next to them). Only the unaltered connections/settings that have been changed/added in the sapz file will be updated/added on the site. 
  • Notification action
    This action displays toastr notifications to the user. Use this to keep your user updated as to what your script is busy doing or what your script accomplished.
  • Save and Cancel was re-introduced on the dialogs
  • Separated filename from Virtual Directory name
    Because of the differences between what a filename allows and what a Virtual Directory name allows, we thought it useful to split the two. Should you wish to, you can now set the Application Name (Virtual Directory Name) in the Stadium Designer. If not, we will sanitize the filename and use that as the Virtual Directory Name.
Things you need to know:
We had a bug on panels specifying transparent borders. When applications saved these panels, they were incorrectly specified as white. This has been fixed in the latest version but unfortunately requires you to manually set them back to Transparent when opening the application in the Designer.

Among other new features and improvements are:
  • No data being returned is now handled as an empty value and not as a problem / exception anymore.
  • Introduced a delete button on editors displaying a list of items
  • Stabilized the Upload Application feature on the Admin site.
  • TextBox now renders out an <input> if it is specified to only have 1 line. Previously, it would always render out a textarea.
  • RadioButtonList defaults can now be set using a single string coming from a query
  • Improved the Login screen
  • Menu and toolbar changes
  • 'Add a query' button was removed from the Form Wizard
  • Show a clearer message to the user when a sql error occurs
  • On scripting, allow placing other actions after a GetFile action
  • Started our journey to even more powerful ways of using DataSources
    • Queries and Stored Procs are now grouped per connection in the Application Explorer
    • The Query Editor is now being displayed on the Canvas instead of a popup
Bug fixes:
  • IIS Express Port specified in the config file was not used
  • RadioButtonList with no default value caused a script error
  • GetFile 
    • failed to open pdf files
    • did not stop executing the script when it failed
  • FileUpload control did not clear the filename from the textbox after upload
  • Queries specified but not being used in the application should not cause errors during generation
  • Query failed when using a page parameter that is not present in the QueryString
  • Renaming Query Parameters incorrectly updated them in the sql text
  • Certain query parameter types caused errors during runtime
  • An exception occurred when using the Form Wizard on a datagrid found inside of a panel
  • Transparent panel borders did not take the theme into account
  • Stadium did not successfully convert strings to Guid's
  • Menu control: submenu items could not be deleted via the Menu Items Editor
  • Form Wizard threw an exception if the focus was on a folder in the Application Explorer
  • Cannot paste to the page canvas if the page was selected via the tab at the top of the canvas
  • Copy paste issue regarding Layout Table control
  • Error occurred when clicking on the Event Validation
  • Double clicking a Decision Condition Validation did not open the Conditions Editor
  • Drag drop issues
  • UI related fixes:
    • The DropDown control jumped around when clicking on it in the Stadium Designer
    • Issue around the Context Menu when moving from grid column to the page
    • The canvas jumped up when adding controls to the LayoutGrid
    • Canvas jumped when selecting controls
    • ReferenceCombobox with parameters caused property grid alignment issues
  • Admin Site:
    • The 'Enter' key should not add a newline when editing a connection on the Settings page
  • Several other bugs were fixed

Thanks to the entire team: Bernhard, Anthony, Greg, Amol, Darshit, Franz and Leah! And welcome to Rafael who joined our team a week ago.