Wednesday 17 December 2014

Stadium 4.1.2623.5766 is available

Stadium 4.1.2623.5766 is available. It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.

This release is full of new features and a couple of fixes. Some of this functionality is very new (like the Image Viewer crop) so there may still be some kinks in how it works that we need to sort out. Please keep this in mind when using this and test everything extensively. And if you find issues log them on Zendesk and we'll do our best to solve them! A very big thank you to Ryan and Jai for making all the magic happen.

  • Show busy icon when clicking the upload button on a Upload File control
  • Show busy icon when clicking other buttons and links on a page with an Upload File control
  • Improved handling in Firefox and Chrome for the following: Message box button clicks, rendering panel colours correctly, showing disabled links clearly, report viewer controls
  • Add last logged in time to user table. This value is not visible from the UI. It is a new field in the User table and has been included in the standard view dbo.UserApplicationRoleAccessRight
  • The Display Message Box control is better positioned on the screen if the message is very long. You can also now resize it and move it as required
  • Export to Excel from Grids now include the command sep= in the first line to tell Excel to use the comma as the separator. If the Regional settings list separator is something else, Excel won't open a csv file correctly. This doesn't affect the file in Excel at all, but if you are opening it in a text editor or using this file in another process be aware that you must ignore the first line. We haven't done the same thing to the Export to Excel action at this stage
  • Database Column types Image (deprecated), varbinary(max) and blob (Oracle) are now supported in Data Grids, Child Grids and the Gallery control. There is a new column type option DBImage. If the binary data in this column can be displayed as an image, stadium will display the image. If not, you will see the Image error icon. The column type is not generated automatically in the designer because we can't guarantee that every varbinary/blob column is actually an image
  • The Image Viewer Component now allows you to crop part of an image and save it to a predetermined file path. You need to enter a file path and name in order to see the crop and save buttons. Once the image is saved using the Save icon on the Image Viewer in the UI,  the save file path is a parameter that can be passed around Stadium
  • It is possible to test SQL/Oracle Queries from the designer. The Command Editor now allows you to add test values for any parameter. These values are not saved when you save your query. Click the Test SQL Query button and the syntax is verified and results (if any) returned. We do execute the query against SQL/Oracle so any inserts and updates will occur in the target table. It also works for stored procedures. It isn't possible to test a filter against a grid using this functionality
  • Specify input parameters on a RDL Viewer (local mode report). If the parameter values specified can be matched to available options the report will generate automatically when the page loads. You have to specify the name of the parameter EXACTLY in the parameter editor
  • New property on Data Grid, DatabasePagingSortDirection. This setting allows you to set the Default sort order of your data when using Server Side paging. No additional Server Side paging tags are required. The default is Ascending. The other option is Descending
  • User Controls can now be refreshed by the RefreshControls action. Only the controls inside the User Control that can be refreshed will be affected
  • Panels can now be refreshed using the RefreshControls action. Both the controls inside the panel that can be refreshed will be refreshed as well the panel properties like Visible, Title etc. The Collapsible property has been excluded from the Refresh action
  • Add Option on SetVariable Action. If selected the value will be added to the variable (1+1 = 2). Int and Decimal variable types are supported for this. You can also pass numbers using the string type. Other types and non numeric values in a string type will give an error
  • New Action RefreshPage. This is a F5 type page refresh. This performs a double postback on the page so use it sparingly! It WILL make your page load slower. If the option exists to use a RefreshControl instead, then do it
  • Connection time out handled correctly on all grids
  • Ensure Report Viewer Run Button is disabled when Report is generating - A Report generating... message is shown while it is processing
  • A filter applying a value to an amount/number column now accepts a space as the thousand separator (1 000 will work and not give an error)
  • Ensure variables assigned to a text value aren't assigned to a similarly named second variable in the Set Variable action