Thursday 16 May 2013

Global Format Conditions

Pre-requisite : View this post to setup basic FormatConditions.

The recent release of Stadium 4 includes a new feature, which is the Global Format Conditions. This feature allows you to define general Font properties which can then be used in Format Conditions editor. It reduces repetitive actions on applying the same format across different DataGrid or DetailsView columns. Here are some guidelines on how to use this new feature.

Quick step summary :
  1. Add and specify a global format condition in the FormatConditions node.
  2. Select the GlobalFormatCondition from the dropdown list in Format Conditions editor.
  3. Apply the format condition to the DataGrid column or DetailsView field.

Adding a GlobalFormatCondition

  1. Navigate to the FormatConditions node in your SAP file.
  2. Right-click on the FormatConditions node and click on “New Format Condition”. A new GlobalFormatCondition will be added.
  3. Change the Name from default "GlobalFormatCondition1" to “BoldRed”.

Specifying Font properties

  1. On the newly added "BoldRed" condition, expand “Font” property. You will see a list of properties.
  2. Specify the properties according to your requirements. In this scenario, I am setting it to “Bold” and “Red”.

Using GlobalFormatCondition

  1. GlobalFormatCondition can be used within the DataGrid and DetailsView Format Conditions editor.
  2. Open the Format Conditions editor and add a FormatCondition.
  3. Specify Conditions and select “BoldRed” from the GlobalFormatCondition dropdown list. You will notice that the Font properties are automatically populated with the GlobalFormatCondition values.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Link the FormatCondition to a column. The format will be applied to the column.
You can use the same GlobalFormatCondition in multiple DataGrid and DetailsView. Notice that you will not need to specify the same format repeatedly.


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