Thursday 14 November 2013

How to use a Session Parameter

What are sessions?

A session can be defined as a server-side storage of information that is desired to persist throughout the user's interaction with the web site or web application. (Source :

In Stadium version 4.1.2344.5213 , we have added Session Parameters. Session Parameters can be used to pass information between pages, like a Page Parameter would. The difference is, you will only need to set it once and use it throughout the application. The values for the session parameter will change in one of the following cases :

1. The session parameter has been reassigned to another value
2. The session expires

How to use Session Parameters?
  1. Add a session parameter in the Application Explorer.
  2. Use the 'SetSessionParameter' action to assign values to the session parameter. Once set, you can use it in any page. Unlike Page Parameter, you will not need to pass the values specifically in the NavigateToPage action.

Where can I use Session Parameters?

Session parameter values can be set from the following sources :
  • Text
  • Page Parameter
  • Control values
  • Custom Settings
  • Value from another session parameter
  • System Variable
  • Variable
Session parameters can be used in the following properties :


  • Text
  • Tooltip
  • Height and Width
  • Font  property
  • DataSource - use values in parameter
  • DataSource - dropdown field query parameter
  • Visibility
  • Column Visibility
  • Column Enable/Mode property
  • SupportsExport
  • PageSize
  • DisplayEmptyDataText
  • Wrap
  • Text
  • Visibility
  • Tooltip
  • Height and Width
  • DataSource- use values in parameter
  • DetailsView visibility
  • Dropdown - query parameter
  • Field Visibility
  • Field Enable/Mode property
  • Dropdown values - query parameters
  • Default text
  • Label Text
  • Set Text
  • Set Visibility
  • Visible
  • Collapsed
  • FieldReadOnlyCondition
  • DataSource - use values in parameter
  • Selected Node
  • DataSource - use values in parameter
  • DataSource - use values in parameter
  • Text
  • Height and Width