Thursday 10 November 2011

Stadium3 Release : 3.2.1952.4311

Build 3.2.1952.4311 is available for download. It includes:

New Features
  • New search feature in designer - Designers can now search for pages, controls, connections etc
  • New ChildGridIterator action for iterating child grid rows
  • Filter fields - Default values can be obtained from database
  • New system variable for logged in user name
  • DataGrid Image column can now get image url from database

Bug fixes
  • Panels with fixed height now display scrollbars
  • Maintenance message will be displayed to users when refreshing an application
  • Security is applied when navigating to pages directly
  • Fix for messagebox not responding to Enter
  • Link control on master page now works
Looking forward to feedback on the new features.

  • This will be the final release for this year
  • This is also the final release on Framework 3.5
What next:
  • Upgrading to Framework 4.0
  • Making some small changes to make Stadium look better, like Johan said 'putting some lipstick on'......

On a personal note, I have really enjoyed the interactions with all the stakeholders of Stadium, especially this year.  I have learned a lot from you, thank you!


  1. Search function in the STADIUM designer is AWESOME!!
    I am using it more and more and it really helps a lot. Nice!