Friday 25 May 2018

Stadium 4.2.2842.6187 is now available

The new version of Stadium 4 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following:
  • Log DataGrid Export button usage (#3226)
  • Add access rights to the DataGrid Export button (#3226)
  • Datagrid columns of type Image and HTML should not be exported to csv (#3302)

Thursday 3 May 2018

Stadium v4.2.2841.6184 is now available

The new version of Stadium 4 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following bug fix:
  • Details View Date Control (#3181)

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Stadium 5.10.2156.6998 is now available

We changed our DataGrid to be more flexible and also introduced a new File System Connector in this release. Please give it a test run and let me know what you think!

The important new features I want to draw your attention to are:
  • DataGrid Column Definitions

    Define columns independently to a datasource.
  • File System Connector

    Access a folder on the webserver or network. For more on this, click here.
  • Improved UploadFile Control

    Upload files to a Database or File System. Also, uploaded files can now be removed by the user before submitting them. Click here for more on this control.
  • Improved DownloadFile Action (previously the GetFile action)

    Download files from a database, file system or Embedded Files.
  • Enhancements to the Expression Editor

    Syntax highlighting and some other features were added to the Expression Editor to make it simpler to build an expression.

Other features and bug fixes we worked on can be seen below.


  • Add a validation to the UploadFile control to prevent use before all files have completed uploading
  • A new page/folder is added into the same folder as the selected page/folder
  • Rename ExecuteSqlCommand to ExecuteConnector
  • Change the blank slate of the DataGrid
  • Add divider lines inbetween the tabs of the canvas
  • Remove the DisplayName of fields from a Database.Query and Database.StoredProc
  • Force an admin user to be created on the first visit of a generated web application

Bug Fixes

  • Add favicon.ico to the template
  • Installer should start the WAS and W3SVC services if not running already
  • Installer fails if the Default WebSite has been deleted in IIS
  • Stadium does not install correctly on Windows 7
  • Moving designer between screens using windows shortcut keys causes resizing issues
  • Do not select a node in the Application Explorer when right-clicking on the node
  • Double clicking a mapping validation should open the Field Mapping Editor
  • Query parameter is not being picked up by 'Fetch Fields & Parameters'
  • The top and bottom of the page canvas is not right-clickable
  • Object Reference exception thrown when inserting a new row or column into the LayoutTable
  • DataGrid content is displayed inbetween the SearchBox and the DataGrid as normal text
  • Output parameter is not correctly resolved after pasting it into a script
  • Control with the same name as it's page causes generation issues
  • Foreign Key conflict when fetching the fields and parameters of a query
  • Multiline string and reference concatenation inside of an expression causes the reference to not resolve properly
  • Dragging conditions up and down does not persist when leaving the editor
  • Deleting a copied script removes the wrong references
  • The Validation icon in the Property Grid of the Designer does not disappear once corrected
  • Do not expand the page when moving it in the Application Explorer
  • Typing an expression into the ReferenceCombobox removes the '=' in front and saves it as a string
  • Assigning a query or query field from script causes the browser to hang momentarily
  • With no application open, clicking on the Template button on the Toolbar does not display the DefaultTemplate
  • Anti-forgery token was meant for user
  • Queries should not fetch parameters of commented sql code
  • Clicking Save on the Options Editor does not update the attached field if no options were entered
  • Literal value for query parameter does not resolve when assigning query field directly to Label Text
  • ExecuteSQLCommand FirstRow field is undefined if query returned no rows
  • Notification does not properly render non-string values
  • Connection editor: Changing Server clears the Database field
  • The DataGrid throws an error when assigning it data with one or more byte[] columns
  • Save error after deleting a control
  • Output parameters cannot be used further down in the script
  • Reference in property SetValue.Value is lost when dragging the target control (SetValue.Target) into a LayoutGrid on the canvas
  • Toggling DataGrid visibility after assigning data to it causes it to not display
  • Using an Oracle Database causes a "duplicate section defined" exception at runtime
  • Button with an EventHandler attached causes an incorrect tab order in the property grid
  • When running the Form Wizard twice for the same operation, duplicate script names are generated
  • Can't log off when error page is shown
  • DataGrid columns should be type-agnostic
  • Connector reference turns into an Expression
  • Download version notification does not disappear if internet drops
  • Data type Time causes an exception when fetching fields and parameters of a query
  • Object reference exception when deleting a table row