Monday 7 April 2014

Stadium 4.1.2540.5563 is available

Stadium 4.1.2540.5563 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. A clean install is required for this build. At some point in Stadium's history the install flag 'All Users' was disabled. This flag allows any user with sufficient priviledges to install and upgrade Stadium. Otherwise it treats every install by a different user as a clean install. Unfortunately there is no way to set this flag without doing a clean install. The install will handle it if the IIS Directory and Database already exist so it should be an easy process.

  • A more descriptive error message when an empty string is passed into a filter that expects a numeric value
  • The View Report button is hidden while the report is rendering and only reappears once it is complete. This is to prevent users from continually calling the same report because they think nothing is happening. We cannot unfortunately add a busy icon to the report pages
  • Drop downs on grids, details views, filters and data inputs now have an option to turn them into auto complete combo boxes. Property EnableComboBox. The Default  value is False
    • The user can clear the default value in the drop down box and type to search the list for the value they want. Stadium will match any characters and limit the list as you type
    • You can't specify a value that doesn't exist in the drop down list
  • There is a new column type in the data grid: CheckboxList
    • It has the same properties as the drop down BUT it cannot have a default value (data field) or turned into an auto-complete combo box
    • Users can select multiple inputs and Stadium will generate a semi-colon separated list of values
    • You can use Linx or SQL to split it into the individual values if required
  • Session Parameters can be inputs to actions called in an event
  • Access a query even if the connection string is not valid. We still verify the connection string but after a short delay the query editor will open. If you expand the Stored Procedure drop down you will get an error because Stadium can't retrieve the list of Stored procs. Your existing Stored Proc (if selected) will be remembered
  • A Clean install will handle it if the IIS Directory and Database already exists. If the Db exists, it will update it, if the Db specified doesn't exist the install will try create it.
  • The install will remember your install path on upgrade. This build will set it, the next build will remember it
  • '&' works correctly with the Tree View and selected node
  • Ensure long character strings are not truncated when outputted to a variable or a session parameter
  • Allow numeric values to be assigned to Font Size for Format Conditions and Global Format Conditions
  • The Web service component now handles web services with mixed types
    • Stadium can't handle methods which have complex types (eg arrays), you'll need to use Linx for that, but it can parse the list of methods and show the ones which only contain simple types
Please Note: The auto-complete combo box option on the drop down and the new Checkbox list column in the data grid are both not standard controls. We've made extensive use of jquery to build them. As a result the can have a performance impact if used widely on a page. Please implement them with care

A very big thank you to Justin for this build. He has spent a lot of time with jquery and css to get these new controls working properly. And thank you to Ryan for all the work on the installer.