Monday 25 May 2015

Stadium 4. 1.2673.5882 is available

You can download it from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Ryan for all the dev work

  • Navigate to other sap file from the Navigate to Page action - read this Zendesk KB article for details on how to do it
  • Set a Session parameter on menu navigation. This should be particularly useful for setting source SAP and Page names when navigating to another SAP File - read more here
  • New System Variable - CurrentApplicationName
  • Validations can now be added to Data Input Fields and linked to any button on the page for execution - more details here
  • Data Input Drop Down Field has  new properties IsRequired and IsRequiredInitialValue - these work the same way as the IsRequired properties on the DetailsView control. See more info here
  • Select All option on Checkbox columns in a Data Grid
  • Read only value now honoured on a Checkbox Field in a Details View in Insert Mode
  • Stadium 4 now supports calling and executing a Linx 5 process - read more on calling Linx from Stadium here
  • Better management of roles and access rights when an application is uploaded or the roles are edited - the roles and access rights only change if they are directly edited, not every time the Application is uploaded or saved as was previously happening
Bug Fixes
  • User Last Logged In Date not working with Windows Authentication
  • Site Admin Roles hidden on the Edit User screen if no Global Application Access Roles were configured
  • Drop down change event not always firing - JavaScript error
  • JavaScript undefined error on combo boxes
  • Fading label changing the position of the other controls on the page when it fades completely
* This release requires a file update. Please open your SAP Files in the designer, hit Save and then refresh them on the server*

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  1. A few great additions - thanks Brenna!