Monday 23 March 2015

Stadium 4.1.2654.5835 is available

Stadium 4.1.2654.5835 is available and can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It has a number of improvements and the big item, you can now navigate between SAP files using the menu control. Many thanks to Ryan for all the dev work.

Note: You will need to update all SAP Files by opening them in the designer and saving them

New Features

  • Merge includes Global Appearance
  • Merge results can now be copied to the clipboard
  • Refresh Controls Action - the controls can now be sorted A-Z
  • Refresh Controls Action - you can select multiple controls at once using ctrl+click and shift+click
  • Create Role on Application - Select all option to check all the access rights in one go
  • Ok Click on Add Role will save it automatically, not only when you click Save on the Application
  • Display Message Box -  new Title Property. Can be set using the standard options. If there is a default Stadium title (like Warning) it will overwrite any custom title
  • Export to CSV -  Remove Formatting from numbers
  •  SQL Test Query in the Designer no longer requires an explicit declare of output variables, it is done implicitly when you test the query
  • Image Viewer - work done to prevent it locking the file while it is being viewed

Navigate between SAP Files and Global Application Roles

  • You can navigate to a different SAP File from the Menu Control in one SAP File (see here for details on how it works)
    • Add a menu item
    • Select OtherSAP as the Navigation Type
    • Specify the Application Name, page name and any parameters. You need to map all of these exactly
  • Session Parameters now work between SAP File (see thisZendesk KB article for details)
    • There is a new property on a session parameter - ShareSessionParameter, Default Value is False
    • To share a session parameter between multiple SAPs set up a session parameter with exactly the same name in all the SAPs and set this value to True
    • When the value is set for the Session Parameter in one SAP File, it will automatically have that value in all SAP Files where the session parameter name is the same AND Share is set to True
  • Stadium now supports Global Application Roles (see here for details)
    • New Admin function - Manage Global Application Roles
    • Allows you to set up roles which span all loaded applications
    • Users can then be assigned to this global role
    • The Application page will also show you which global role the application is part of and allow you to edit the global role directly

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