Tuesday 23 August 2011

Changing the colour of visited links on grid

With release 3.2.1882.4128 of Stadium,  there is a new property 'ApplyVisitedLinkColour' on link column of datagrid control. The default value of this property is False. Set it to 'True' if you want the link to change colour once the link has been visited by user.

Please note below:
  • If this value is set to True, DataKey property on DataGrid must also be set, this is so that each row can be uniquely identified.
  • DataKey property should be the name of column, typically an ID column
  • It only changes the link colour while user remains on the same page.  If user navigates away from the page and returns to the same page,  colour of link will revert to original colour.
When should I change the colour of a visited link?

Depending on the scenario, Stadium designers will have to judiciously use this property.