Friday 21 October 2011

Feature peek - Test query

As a designer of Stadium,  it would be great if SQL queries used for controls e.g. SelectQuery of DataGrid could be tested within the designer environment so that he/she can be sure that the query is correct and also displays the expected data.  We are introducing the 'Test query' feature in the designer for this purpose.  This will also speed up implementation time as designers are currently using database tools or uploading the sap file and viewing it on Stadium's website to confirm query is correct, this additional step won't be necessary.

A test section will be added to current 'Command Editor' dialog. It will have two tabs: Test Inputs, Test Results as indicated in below screenshot.


The 'Test Inputs' tab will be pre-populated with parameters as and when parameters are added, see below wireframe.

User can specify test values in and click on 'Test' button. Results of query will be displayed in 'Test Results' tab as shown below:

Please note these wireframes are rough and gives a an idea of current thoughts and may change when implemented. Thanks to Carien for designing and wireframing the screens for us.

Feedback and comments will be much appreciated.