Friday 2 March 2012

Report Viewer Timeouts

Stadium has a Report Viewer control that allows a user  to view a report that is being hosted by Reporting Services.

The benefit of using Reporting Services Reports is that they are much more visually appealing, may contain graphs, and off various methods of exporting the data (Excel, PDF, CSV etc.) in an efficient manner.

Once you've uploaded the report on the Reporting Services Server and tested that it successfully generates you may find that the report still fails to generate from within Stadium with the error:

 "An error has occurred: Request timed out."

You have probably checked that the timeout values for both the SQL queries within the report as well as the timeout value on the Stadium's Report Viewer control are set to a sufficiently large number to prevent timeouts but you still get the error.

This error is occurring because the ASP.NET request to the Reporting Services Server is timing out. The 'ExecutionTimeout' setting in web.config can be changed/added to prevent this timeout.

The execution time-out refers to the number of seconds an ASP.NET page is given before the operation is assumed to have failed and the page terminated. In the example web.config file below the executionTimeout is set to one hour.

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="3600" />
<sessionState timeout="60" />

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