Monday 28 May 2012

Stadium3 Release : 3.3.1983.4381

Build 3.3.1983.4381 is available for download. It includes:
  • Designer - Fix for error that occurred when 'Events' window was closed 
  • Date format for all date fields can now be set to 'dd/MM/yyyy'
All date fields till now have always been displayed in 'yyyy/MM/dd' format. This can now be changed to 'dd/MM/yyyy' by adding below setting in web.config:

  <appSettings>     .......................
    <add key="DateFormat" value="dd/MM/yyyy"/>

Please note that Sql server queries work with format 'yyyy/MM/dd'. If you are using the new format, all sql queries will have to be modified to use 'convert' function. Stadium format conditions with date values will also have to be changed to conform to dd/MM/yyyy format.

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