Monday 28 October 2013

Stadium 4.1.2344.5213 is available

Stadium 4.1.2344.5213 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. A big thank you to Dina for all the assistance and to Ryan and Justin for the development work. Please remember to make a backup copy of your css before installing the build so that your custom changes aren't lost.

The build includes the following features and fixes:

  • Session parameters have been added to Stadium 4. They will keep their value until it is changed or the session expires. You create your session parameters on the application explorer tree and set them on a Click Event. The value persists on post back and can then be used in events on other pages and to set control values on the same page

  • Extended password policy - You can now force the user to use mixed case (upper and lower) and include special characters in their password (forms authentication only)

  • Stadium is no longer dependent on MSTDC

  • Details View drop down is required: Ensure all scenarios involving a dependant drop down work correctly

  • Top and bottom padding on a child grid has been exposed in the css; Class .ChildGridPanel padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px;

    • If you have a custom css and want to make use of these attributes, please include them in the relevant class

  • Allow configurable connection string on the Export to Excel Action

  • New property on the Grid: DisplayHeaderRow. Default value is True. When set to False the Header row is completely collapsed. You won't see the text or the space reserved for it

  • Open and Save file now works correctly when opening in the same window or opening a format that the browser cannot recognise

  • Current File Path and Name displayed in the Stadium Designer Header

  • Bug Fix: Tree View not working with '&' symbol

  • Bug Fix: SQL parameters work correctly when setting a connection string from a SQL Query

Note: You will need to upgrade your SAP files by opening them in the Designer and saving them.

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