Wednesday 16 August 2017

Stadium 5.7.1913.5819 is now available

The new version of Stadium 5 has exciting new features and improvements handing the designer of applications a lot more control and power.

I would like to draw your attention to some of these new features:
  • Direct Page/Script interaction

    Scripts were seen as closed entities, not having access to the controls on the same page except via script parameters. This has been changed. Controls on the same page can now be accessed directly from your script. You can also set properties of controls using the new SetValue action.
  • Session Variables: Logged-in user information

    Basic information of the logged-in user can now be used in the application. This information will only be populated if your site makes use of authentication, i.e. not an anonymous site.
  • New Action: Variable

    Variables are moved from script level to be items within the script, enabling the variables to have scope.
  • Allow a user to change his own password

Other added features, improvements and bug fixes are listed below:


  • Create the error, access denied and 404 pages
  • Move the nuget packages to MyGet
  • Change Stadium application icon for the designer
  • Admin section: Change the 'To Application' menu item to be an arrow
  • A new node to the Application Explorer should immediately be in edit mode
  • Change the FormWizard scripts to make use of direct page / script interaction
  • Change the name of the FormWizard scripts that are generated
  • Speed up opening the designer
  • Limit the Application Name to 49 characters due to IIS restrictions
  • In the generated application, prevent firing a script twice on double click
  • Order queries/stored procs alphabetically in ReferenceCombobox
  • Change the file menu 'Release Notes' to 'Stadium 5 Blog'
  • Introduce a Tables & Columns pane on the Query Editor
  • Query Editor: Implement SQL syntax highlighting
  • Add a "quick help" to the DataGrid Search
  • ExecuteSQLCommand: Allow results and output parameters to be used further down in script
  • CallWebService: Allow using result further down in the script
  • UploadFile control should return uploaded filename
  • More descriptive error messages on UploadFile control
  • DataGrid and ExecuteSQLCommand should not allow typing a value into the DataSource property
  • Remove SetOutput and SetVariable actions (the SetValue action replaces them)
  • New Action: SetValue


  • Better naming of a Copy-pasted item
  • Improved upgrading process via the Designer
  • Remove the hamburgers from the query/stored proc parameters
  • Show more information when a exception is thrown on save
  • Space items equally on the menu bar
  • DataGrid LinkColumn on a template threw an exception
  • Script Variables Editor in Property Grid caused an exception
  • Event Info not updating in Designer


  • [STADFIVE-1843] - Control added at top of canvas if dropped at the bottom of the page
  • [STADFIVE-1989] - LayoutTable inserts new row at wrong index
  • [STADFIVE-1990] - Merge places all the controls horizontally next to each other
  • [STADFIVE-1991] - Unnecessary wrapping of controls in LayoutGrid
  • [STADFIVE-1996] - Set CurrentObject after deleting a control
  • [STADFIVE-1997] - Script canvas loses focus after delete
  • [STADFIVE-2003] - Query Pane Fields and Parameters has too many tab stops
  • [STADFIVE-2004] - LayoutGrid always stacks controls
  • [STADFIVE-2006] - LayoutGrid holds onto focus after merging cells (Causes copy paste and context menu issues)
  • [STADFIVE-2009] - Query / Stored Proc naming issue
  • [STADFIVE-2013] - Caching causes page to remember previous page parameter value
  • [STADFIVE-2014] - Do not open sapz files made in future versions of Stadium
  • [STADFIVE-2019] - Application Explorer node loses focus after renaming
  • [STADFIVE-2020] - Cannot edit DataGrid Column headers on the canvas
  • [STADFIVE-2023] - Error when opening file
  • [STADFIVE-2026] - Deleting a script from an event causes NullReferenceException
  • [STADFIVE-2029] - Canceling event creation causes NullReferenceException
  • [STADFIVE-2031] - Copying and pasting a query causes error when trying to save the file later
  • [STADFIVE-2034] - Designer throws exception when adding a control to the page
  • [STADFIVE-2039] - Stadium Designer crashes
  • [STADFIVE-2041] - Create new application using Folder toolbar button causes exception
  • [STADFIVE-2043] - Not allowed to drop action on second drag
  • [STADFIVE-2045] - Fields and Parameters Selection colour is wrong shade of blue
  • [STADFIVE-2052] - Clicking on a DataGrid column does not select the column
  • [STADFIVE-2056] - Installer drops the DownloadAllVersions appSetting
  • [STADFIVE-2061] - DataGrid column Header Text should update if the field name changes
  • [STADFIVE-2062] - Edge issue: Cannot scroll on a readonly Textbox
  • [STADFIVE-2063] - ReferenceCombobox tabs into the 'hint' textbox
  • [STADFIVE-2064] - Stadium error page: Page and Control are always blank
  • [STADFIVE-2066] - Form Wizard throws NullReferenceException
  • [STADFIVE-2067] - Name not displaying in Property Explorer for certain elements
  • [STADFIVE-2069] - Upgrading Stadium removes the Custom.css from the WebApp.Template
  • [STADFIVE-2070] - When generating over an existing IIS application, an error is occasionally thrown
  • [STADFIVE-2071] - Cancel on the Application Explorer loses focus
  • [STADFIVE-2072] - Form Wizard throws an exception when generating the form
  • [STADFIVE-2075] - Some generated pages cause a syntax error in the web console
  • [STADFIVE-2080] - Generation throws an System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbUpdateException exception
  • [STADFIVE-2082] - Make ReferenceCombobox dropdown longer
  • [STADFIVE-2084] - NullReferenceException thrown on save
  • [STADFIVE-2089] - Images are not viewable when visiting the site remotely
  • [STADFIVE-2106] - ReferenceComboBox does not want to close
  • [STADFIVE-2110] - IIS Worker process crashes
  • [STADFIVE-2115] - Property Grid loses focus when spacebar is used to check checkbox
  • [STADFIVE-2132] - Setting the width of the image to 'auto' renders incorrectly
  • [STADFIVE-2134] - Strange behaviour when dragging the designer window
  • [STADFIVE-2140] - Error is hidden behind designer when opening a sapz file by double clicking
  • [STADFIVE-2155] - Invisible elements can be seen when the page loads
  • [STADFIVE-2165] - Dragging a control causes a NullReferenceException
  • [STADFIVE-2203] - Sql Server type 'geography' throws error when retrieving Fields & Parameters
  • [STADFIVE-2206] - New Page icon is disabled on context menus
  • [STADFIVE-2231] - Moving the DataGrid into a Panel causes a object reference error
  • [STADFIVE-2232] - Field names and query column names with spaces in cause script errors
  • [STADFIVE-2235] - Canceling an event creation throws object reference exception
  • [STADFIVE-2240] - Designer crashes when attempting to open the databases dropdown on the Query Editor with a faulty connection
  • [STADFIVE-2241] - Database dropdown in the Query Editor toggles without something happening
  • [STADFIVE-2242] - Connection String Editor can be closed without closing the popup dialog first
  • [STADFIVE-2243] - List of open pages and scripts doubles up the icons
  • [STADFIVE-2251] - Hyperlink in a column of the DataGrid does not wrap
  • [STADFIVE-2253] - Can't change the case of headers or querystrings on the CallWebService action
  • [STADFIVE-2258] - Keep Query tab open when something changed
  • [STADFIVE-2230] - ODBC and Oracle render illegal column names
Thanks to the entire team: Bernhard, Anthony, Amol, DT, Rafael, Solveig, Franz and Leah! Welcome to Solveig who joined our team in July.

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